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Refinancing / Capital Release

Basically, takes the existing stronger valued assets that are within the Business but have been fully paid for historically, values them as a current market value and the Lender will release funds in return for a specific charge on the asset, (critical that the Company can confirm proof of ownership). This is then repaid as a loan over a pre-agreed period. Refinancing is normally used for stronger assets where the resale/ market is more clearly identified. Our Specialist can help to review the assets and help assess the cash requirement to ensure it will meet the Funders normal conditions.

Provides funding for Consolidation, Acquisition or Expansion
Releases locked in capital in existing unencumbered assets
It can also be used to provide an urgent cash injection to support a Business opportunity or short-term Business need
Can be structured in terms of period and profile to meet the cash generation capacity of the Business
Can be used to release funds from a range of assets such as a fleet of Commercial Vehicles being used as security.