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What Is Commercial Finance?

Commercial Finance is the modern method of funding your working capital needs by releasing the cash ‘locked’ in your Debtor Invoices.

The Funder effectively ‘buys’ the debt from you as you submit the invoice to the client, giving you the benefit of receiving the majority of the funds at day one and doing away with the need to ‘chase’ monies or wait for customer payment terms to expire.

A dedicated Credit Control Team will act on your behalf, helping you manage the credit risks within your business. Across the UK £14 Bn a year is funded by this method and is a facility used by Small Businesses to Global Corporations, with over 40,000 companies availing of this service.


Our dedicated Specialist will help you assess the specific needs of your Business and which product or Service would be most appropriate
Our Specialist assists with the Funders, letting you get on with your Business
Can be used in conjunction with your Normal Banking but is stand alone
Can be used in conjunction with Asset Finance
Uses Debtor to release cash immediately by releasing up to 90% immediately and the balance on Debtor payment
Funds are normally in your account within 24 hours of submission
You can continue to collect your debt and retain your relationship with your customer
Fees and charges are normally compatible to normal Banking with the addition of speed and flexibility