About Us

PC have established themselves in just 5 years as one of NI’s largest and most successful Independent Brokers in Asset Finance, Property funding and Growth funding.

Based on a broad experience gained from a range of Banks and funding institutions, we believe that we have the best Team to guide you through the process to choose a funder and structure your project ensuring that the funds arrive where and when you need them.

We have built up good relationships with a huge network of suppliers across UK, ROI and overseas, indeed, there are very few assets that we have not funded! We will structure your payment and manage delivery to minimise disruption and get that asset supporting your business to do what it does best.

We’re very much a people-based Team who enjoy what we do and that’s reflected in your customer experience.

So, whether it's buying equipment or property or funding a new contract, let us help you, using our skill and energy to make your experience successful and efficient.

The Team

P. Brown, P. Close, G. McCourt and A. McVicker
P. Brown, P. Close, G. McCourt and A. McVicker


As the Principal, Paul has spent a lifetime in the Funding market and is recognised as one of the major Brokers in NI and ROI.  With a career start in Accountancy he moved into Asset Finance and Corporate Property in NI and UK, working with Bank of Ireland and Barclays before stepping into a Divisional Directors role within Close Bros in 2007.  He set up his own company in 2013 and has built a strong team around him as you will see below.

Ailsa’s role is to manage the ‘Customer Experience’ and make sure everyone knows where we are with applications, sign ups and pay-outs. She works with; Funders, Suppliers and Customers to ensure the deal keeps moving and gets drawn down in a timely manner with as few hiccups as possible! Ailsa was instrumental in 2 separate Teams which established Danske Asset Finance Team in 1989 and Bank of Ireland in 1996 and understands the pressures in operating a business.

Ailsa also keeps in touch with existing Clients and will deal with repeat transactions such as vehicle fleets where speed of delivery is critical.

She’s the unflappable member of the Gang and has been dealing with ‘crisis’ every day! With experience from Danske and BOI Asset Finance, Ailsa’s knowledge of documentation completion and the ability to step in quickly to resolve delays in the progression of a deal shows focus on keeping everyone aware of what is required and from whom!

Patricia was a life long Banker with over 40 years of valuable experience in all aspects of Banking, with the last 15 of those years in Danske Bank supporting Business customers in every sector, from pubs and restaurants to manufacturing and construction. She can get a real understanding of a client’s financial needs.

As a Credit Specialist, she can help the customer pull together the appropriate information to ensure that the best proposal is submitted to funders in order to make a prompt decision on the right terms when time and cost are crucial. With an ability to think outside the box, Patricia can package the most successful and innovative proposal. PC Finance have strong credibility with Funders and Patricia can negotiate queries to ensure speedy decisions.

In over 25 years of working for many of the main NI Banks including Ulster and BOI, Gary has always been a specialist in Business Finance. He carved out a very successful career by covering almost every corner of NI and most of the ROI. His career has allowed him to work with some of the largest local haulage and construction firms and he has been instrumental in helping some of the most successful small businesses to establish themselves and flourish.

With a very detailed understanding of funding models and requirements, Gary can translate the most complex finance documentation and procedures and has a strong reputation for guiding customers through difficult projects of expansion or start-ups. Gary believes that Brokers have a responsibility to make funding as straightforward as possible and be available to guide customers at any stage in the process, whenever and wherever its needed.

Mark began his career in Banking over 30 years ago with Barclays Bank in London. He moved back to NI in 1987 when he joined Forward Trust before moving to Northern Asset Finance and then Bank of Ireland in 2000.

Mark looked after the Asset Finance requirements of both Bank of Ireland and Non - Bank of Ireland Corporate clients before moving to Northridge Finance (formerly known as NIIB) in 2007 to manage their Broker network. A unit which he then proceeded to grow 4 fold in the 12 years he was in charge.

With his vast experience and knowledge of the Industry, and an excellent rapport with colleagues and clients, Mark is a very welcome and valued addition to the team.