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What Is Property Finance?

The NI and ROI property market has largely recovered due to the arrival of Specialist Property Funders from the UK and US who have set up operations in Ireland to meet the gap left by the Main Banks who continue to struggle to support and develop this sector. Lack of appetite and rigid funding structures can be commonplace. Banks can also be extremely slow and effectively lose an opportunity.

These new Funders have very specific appetite for certain types of projects and areas but will fund land acquisition and development funding with a common sense approach. They have funding pricing and fees which can be both competitive and workable to a development model.

Our Specialist Team who have all direct experience as Property Bankers have developed strong relationships with the Funders, understanding their model and developing a reputation for quality and credit experience.


Our dedicated specialist will develop with you a funding proposal which will maximise the assets, mitigate all risks and carefully match a number of funders with the most competitive package and also allows you to optimise the value in the proposal.
We can fund Land Acquisition and Development Funding
Our Team member will be with you from the start of the projects until you complete the site
New builds and Refurbs can be funded
All project sizes can be considered but requires minimum fund size £100,000
Decision making is prompt with most decisions within 7-10 working days.